Ashford Fringe Festival

AFF2017! (5)

Ashford  Fringe Festival runs every year for nine wonderful days of music, comedy, dance, drama, opera to rock and roll.

ashford fringe dancers

If you would like to dance, sing, do a bit of story-telling, please get in touch at

KATFM presents the Annual Ashford Fringe Festival.

AFF2016! was bigger with a wider range of events… Ashford ARTS Centre hosted everything from comedy night to Folk Music night, whilst on the Lower High Street acoustic acts on the Folly Stage, rock bands played on the bandstand and even more acoustic acts played at Stag Coffee House. It was fabulous! But AFF2017! will be bigger and better still.


The debut event in 2015 featured a fantastic group of actors performing at the Ashford library reading ‘Harry the Hare and Torky the Tortoise’.

.crowd at library torky and harry

The Ashford Concert Band played jubilent music in the park!

Olivia Duggan, Theatre Train Director

Councillor Blanford came out to give our new centre a warm welcome. Although there was a lot of work to be done inside the building to get the Ashford Arts Centre up and running properly, we started off with a party, in conjunction with Artigras, run by the Creative Collective.

Councilor Blandford

A local newspaper called it an ‘Extravaganza of music and drama’…


Theatre Train Ashford entertained us with dancing and singing and there was even a parade!


The Brilliant Book Club started out as a television show for children. It was broadcast on The Community Channel and is still on their on-demand service. We are planning filmshoots for the next series at our centre. Please get in touch if interested in participating on-camera or behind-the-scenes. The show is mostly volunteer run, but we do hire freelancers for technical support.

brilliant book logo

This year, we’ve got our own venue on Park Street in Ashford town centre and the dramatics will kick off there!

Ritchie and Rhonda in a candid moment behind the actors in the library

Ritchie Swann and Rhonda Merrick are co-directors of KATFM CIC, the organisation which provides affordable town centre work and rehearsal spaces for people in the Creative and Performing Arts.  Ritchie is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, Rhonda is a singer/songwriter. Together, along with a small circle of friends, they create original music, dramatic plays and film projects.  KATFM CIC now runs 4 arts-based festivals a year with workshops to showcase, include and train people in music, film and art.



We Own and Manage Ashford Arts Centre and Ashford Fringe Festival