Ashford Arts Centre

Ashford Arts Centre (AAC)  –, hosts the annual Ashford Fringe Festival.aff window display

The AAC offers rehearsal, recording, training and performance opportunities for music, dance, film and theatrical groups.

The Control Room at Ashford Arts Centre Recording Studio


Junior Music Club 6 – 11 year olds.

junior music club

The Rhonda Merrick Studio, an intimate performance arts venue and multimedia studio.

music room at aac


Rehearsal rooms

KATFM offers several rehearsal/recording studios for individuals and groups.


KATFM Recording Studio, offers freelance sound engineer services in our main recording studio at discount prices for members.


Backing musicians and composition of your original songs/song ideas are available here.


ANNUAL Arts, Theatre, Music, TV and Film Festivals (See event calendar). Concerts, Creative Industry Training/Workshops and other events.

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MEETING/TRAINING/REHEARSAL SPACE – KATFM maintains a multi-purpose room for visiting community groups to meet.

The AAC is a non-profit community arts project that has a limited amount of studio spaces for resident arts companies and other studios are run by the centre for members of the community. The building is managed by KATFM CIC and community projects in the centre are managed by Blue Red Green Media LTD.

Ashford Fringe Festival is a 9 day event held the final weekend of May through the first weekend of June. It features music, comedy, drama, film and more to showcase the range and variety of arts-based training and performance opportunities at the AAC year-round.

Please contact for viewings and fee information.

01233 637 309

KATFM Presents the Ashford Arts Centre.

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Ashford Arts Centre is the first building set-up and managed by KATFM CIC to support and nurture small and micro-sized businesses in the creative and performing arts.


The tiny theatre at Ashford Arts Centre was set-up to film and record songs, movies, TV shows, theatrical pieces and other works created by Rhonda Merrick.


Ashford Arts Centre is home to several studios run by music and dance professionals who were displaced due to budget cuts in schools or the loss of studio space after the building housing their studios were sold. All resident professionals at Ashford Arts Centre were in need of a permanent space to set up and run their businesses. The centre also offers use of a multi-purpose room to community groups and the tiny theatre in the Rhonda Merrick Studio, is occasionally available for outside gatherings of independent music, theatre and cinematic events.


Recording Studio at Ashford Arts Centre

KATFM Records Presents all sorts of fantastic local music. Come join us for jam sessions, recording sessions, film shoots and festivals.

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We Own and Manage Ashford Arts Centre and Ashford Fringe Festival