Kent Arts Television Film and Music School – Curriculum

The curriculum at KATFM School is planned and organised to promote arts-based learning, personal growth and development with a view to giving our students quality training and work experience in the Creative Sector.

Our students create magazines, radio adverts, short and feature films, television shows and podcast as part of their normal activities.

Our students are taught to read, write and perform music.

The KATFM curriculum is designed to develop the creativity, independence and responsibility of all our learners whilst including all requirements of the National Curriculum. We achieve this by making the process of learning both accessible and fun.

We ensure that all children have a broad, balanced and relevant education which provides ample opportunities for continuity and progression in all areas of development. The wide ranging individual differences of our students are taken into account, and our creative planning caters for different learning styles, personalities and  interests within the Creative Sector.

We promote and achieve steady levels of progress. We do this through a combination of self-paced and small group teaching and learning programmes designed specifically around individuals. Our curriculum is extended by an array of enrichment activities including day visits, cultural experiences and themed days. Extra-curricular activities also form an important part of the curriculum and we have an array of after school clubs, which are available year-round.

Literacy, Numeracy, arts, music, personal and social development form the foundations of our entire curriculum.

We continue to create a number of different opportunities for pupils to embed fundamental British values and focus on growing their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, throughout their time in KATFM School.

We have a number of strategies to support this which may include workshops, educational visits, managing and/or performing in live events/film shoots/podcasts… learning from visitors and links with external organisations.

Opportunities for pupils to generalise and develop fluency of new skills acquired, is integral to planning. The range of facilities and resources bring the curriculum alive and enable our children to apply their knowledge and understanding in real situations.

The recording studio, piano lab, film studio, variety of local community activities are all fundamental to facilitating and ensuring progress for all.  Well-being activities are highly valued and we work very hard to allow pupils to participate in a variety of different physical activities, through PE, dance and Outdoor Learning, we have experienced staff who deliver high quality activities in these fields.

Assessments are integral to planning the next steps of learning, and individual progress is tracked in several of ways. Various interventions are implemented and suitably tailored for individual needs, providing additional opportunities for pupils to succeed.

Opportunities currently planned for across Secondary are:

Religious Education

Politics and The Modern World
Design Technology
Outdoor Learning
Project Leadership
Preparation for Working Life
Modern Foreign Languages
Reading and spelling interventions
Physical Education, Sports and competitive activities at Level 1 &2
Horticulture activities

We Own and Manage Ashford Arts Centre and Ashford Fringe Festival