No tables or chairs in the classroom

On the 6th of May 2017, in a bare room with no desks or chairs available, the first ever lesson in KATFM Learning Centre’s new building was delivered to the Film and Production Club by long-time BBC Producer and Director, and KATFM Board of Governor’s member, John Wallage.  It was a good beginning.


Students listened closely as he described the current big budget television series he’s currently working on for National Geographic. KATFM is attempting to connect local young people considering a career in the arts with local professionals who can provide practical advice and normalise the career choices some of our students are struggling with.

The classroom won’t be empty for long. This summer 50 young people will earn a GCSE level Arts Award for their participation in Radio Boot Camp, Guitar Boot Camp, Intro to Photoshop, Filmmaker’s Boot Camp and more. KATFM won a small pot of funding to make this programme happen.  Every class will be taught by a working professional in his or her field in the Creative Sector.